Sunday 23 July 2017

Lacura Sun care

The summer holidays have just begun and no doubt we will be spending much more time outside. Sun protection is hugely important to us so I was really keen to try Lacura Suncare

Lacura sun care is available from Aldi and has a range of sun care products suitable for all the family. Sun safety is really important especially delicate young skin, Lacura has skin protection suitable for the most sensitive skin and excellent SPF protection from 15 to 50. I always opt for a high sunscreen factors to ensure myself and the kids and protected to the max. I was delighted to try all of these amazing Lacura sun lotions and sprays, but here are my top two and my reasons.

Lacura SPF 30 Spray – 200ml - £2.79 
Lacura SPF15 Oil Spray - 150ml - £2.99
Lacura SPF 15 Lotion £2.79, 200ml 
Lacura SPF50 Clear Spray - 200ml - £3.29
Lacura SPF50+ Sensitive Lotion kids/adults – 200ml - £2.79

I love the high protection offered, I also love the simplicity of using the refreshing sun spray, easy to use and great on the go.

I love this Kids extra sensitive sun lotion, it's perfect for my son who has sensitive skin, it's also extra water resistant which is amazing, especially for those days on the beach, it fits perfectly into my bag and can be used on the go and with a very high UVA and UVB protection this is a must have for the family.

Lacura is available from Aldi and prices start as low as £2.79 which is amazing, check out Aldi online or your local Aldi store.