Thursday 10 August 2017

Celebrating Summer With Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s has just released new research which shows the nation’s attitudes to al fresco dining and what makes a good summer guest.
Areleasedve seen this week we all know that the British summer weather can be so fleeting that often means that barbecues and picnic lunches are often planned at the last minute, and for those attending these al fresco event a Sainsbury’s study found that of 2,000 people have revealed the top attributes you need when attending an event this summer. 
Not muscling in on the BBQ (45%)
Dressing well for the occasion (32%) and 
keeping everyone’s drinks topped up (even though you’re not the host 35%)

Sainsbury’s has also revealed that, when it comes to table manners, we pride ourselves on being good guests (90%), 60% said they were more relaxed when dining al fresco, preferring a more informal atmosphere for outdoor dining, barbecues and picnics -which will be a relief to hosts across the country. But al fresco dining has its annoyances: the top 10 annoyances for al fresco summer dining included the unpredictable British Weather (78%), not having enough chairs/blankets (69%), not knowing how many people to cater for (63%) and animals, (such as dogs and even seagulls!) stealing the food (60%).

I love Sainsbury’s summer advert Table Squish, a Tetris-inspired 30-second advert which celebrates the joyous task of trying to squeeze all the dishes and guests around the table, and let's face it we have all been there.