Friday 8 December 2017

Looking Good Feeling Good

As I'm getting older I not only want to feel good, but its also important I look good. Over the years my taste in clothes has most defiantly changed and I always looking for something a little bit different, I wouldn't say I'm an adventurous dresser I tend to opt for a casual style as I work with kids and when I'm not working, you'll find me out and about creating mini family adventures, so comfort is a must.

I tend to match my accessories with my clothes and my footwear, so having a mixed wardrobe of clothes and shoes defiantly makes it easier, I've never been much a dress or skirt girl, so a good pair of comfortable trousers are a must have especially if I can wear them to work and through to the evening. 

like most I love a good shopping trip, but I defiantly prefer to shop online and try before I buy clothes from the comfort of my own home, not only is its convenient way to shop, I like having the opportunity to really try on the clothes and see how well they fit with my current wardrobe.