Thursday 18 January 2018

Making Myself Accountable

This year I want to become a better version of myself and feel great, over the years I have set myself unrealistic goals, so this year instead of setting huge unreachable goals I'm taking tiny steps to improve my health and general wellbeing. It's not easy especially when you have a teenager and pre-teen taking up most of your energy along with work and general household duties, but this year I'm determined to feel good and look the best I can. So I've put together a micro list to make myself accountable.

To-do List - A simple list of what I need to do each day to keep myself to task.

Eat Better - Ok this for me will defiantly not happen overnight but those small changes will make a big difference eg introducing more vegetables and having less sugary snacks is a big start for me.

Drink more water - drinking more water is proven to affect your mood, as well as improve skin texture

Clothes - From this day forward I will only buy what I really really need no more hoarding clothes with the labels on that I might wear one day.

Reflect - with so much going on I want to step back and look at what I have achieved instead of trying to squeeze in more and more.

Exercise - Any regular movement other than walking to and from work will be good, a workout DVD three times a week to elevate my heart will certainly make me feel that I'm looking after myself.

Me Time - Timeout each evening when I just relax and put my feet up

What are you making yourself accountable for this year, no matter what you are looking to change about yourself whether that's losing a few pounds or treating yourself to a new hairdo whatever makes you feel good go for it, make yourself accountable and take those small steps in the right direction to make those changes and achieve your goals that you know you want and most definitely deserve.