Wednesday 7 March 2018


I was really excited to try Knoppers, the delicious tasty snack is made with crispy baked wafers, a milky hazelnut filling and a chocolaty wafer coating. Each Knoppers crispy wafer is square is made up of multiple layers of wafers, nougat and hazelnuts the various textures from crispy crunch to smooth and creamy make Knoppers a delicious tasty snack.

Knoppers are great for on the go and make the perfect snack and at only 137 calories they are the perfect chocolaty treat, both of the boys absolutely love Knoppers and enjoy eating them as a quick snack after school.  Knoppers are the perfect sized light snack for the whole family. Knoppers are available in discount and convenience stores with a RRP of £0.50 for a single pack to a pack of four for RRP £1.25.