Sunday 29 April 2018

The Benefits Of An Electric Wheelchair

I have had a few conversations recently with my mum about purchasing a wheelchair, My mum suffers from arthritis and pulmonary lung disease, so walking long distances can be a challenge and recently she had a fall which meant that going to the local hospital was a challenge, she ended up having to get cabs to attend her appointments, that's when we realised that if we had a wheelchair available things would have been so much easier. Whilst we have checked out a few places online, we really liked the benefits of having an electric wheelchair as it would give my mum more independence and would mean that she wouldn't have to fully rely on anyone when she felt that

It was delightful to check out Fenetic Wellbeing and see what wheelchairs they had available. Fenetic Wellbeing has a range of mobility products to suit all mobility needs including a range of products to suit a range of household solutions.

I was really impressed at the wheelchairs available in particular the Cirrus Electric Folding Wheelchair. A folding wheelchair is a must for storage purposes, as my mum doesn't have lots of space available, but it'll also be great when travelling, as we will be putting the wheelchair into the car boot, my mums hasn't been to the seaside for years as she cant do all of the walking required, so to be able to go take a portable wheelchair and take some long-awaited family trips would be amazing. I love the idea of my mum having an electric wheelchair as it still gives her a level of independence that she defiantly wants. I'm grateful my mum can still walk short distances, but having a wheelchair will open up a whole range of new opportunities and give her a new lease of life.
Check out Fenetic Wellbeing for more details on their wheelchair range.

This post is in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing