Sunday 10 June 2018


KANGAROO The Love-Hate Story movie reveals the truth surrounding Australia’s relationship with its beloved icon. Australian companies proudly use the Kangaroo image for sports teams and tourist souvenirs, but across the continent some consider them to be pests to be shot and sold for profit. KANGAROO unpacks a national paradigm where the relationship with kangaroos is examined.

This award-winning film has recently opened to rave reviews in LA, New York and Australia. Including:
•   "The filmmakers are determined to sound a wake-up siren, and they blast it here with extra strength." -  New York Times Review
•   "Insightful and eye-opening" Los Angeles Times
•   "Recalls films such as "The Cove" and "Blackfish"  - Variety Review

This investigative documentary gives you an eye-opening insight into the life of the Kangaroo and reveals an unlikely truth about Australia's love-hate relationship with its beloved icon, uncovering disturbing scenes behind the largest mass destruction of wildlife in the world. Although KANGAROO is emotive and moving to watch, nevertheless it uncovers the true story of Australia's hidden Kangaroo issues. Directed by Kate McIntyre Clere and Michael McIntyre, for more information check out