Saturday 20 October 2018

Chotto Desh

We were ever so excited to head to Sadlers Wells to watch Chotto Desh. Chotto Desh is created by Akram Khan Company and Theatre-Rites’ directed Sue Buckmaster.

Chotto Desh means “small homeland,”  the story follows Akram a young man who has a dream of becoming a dancer, throughout the story, Akram recalls many memories in childhood in Britain and Bangladesh. Chotto Desh celebrates living your dreams and the memories that bring you to where you are in life today.

Chotto Desh is a stunning story told through music and dance, we were visually mesmerised by the visual lighting and magical movement and dance styles throughout, Chotto Desh was wonderfully inspiring to watch a true feast for the eyes, a feel-good production which was visually satisfying.

If you loved to be entertained and love being immersed than Chotto Desh will most defiantly do this, the one-man show goes beyond all expectations, for one man to fill the stage and hold the audience takes real talent and presence, the standing innovation at the end was wholly deserved and shows just how amazing this production is, a stunning must-see experience for the whole family.
Chotto Desh is on at Sadler Wells, for more information check out Akram Khan Company- Chotto Desh