Monday 27 May 2019


In today’s life, we never really get a chance to switch off and recharge ourselves as there are so many distractions around us, but it's important we try to relax every now and then or we run the risk of feeling increasingly more tired stressed and irritated which can lead to many health issues. UK’s Top Life Coaches, Carole Ann Rice knows how quickly everyday life can cause grief. So she is sharing her 8 simple ways you can avoid feeling burnt out.


1. Screen-free hours – put your phone down and get back in touch with reality. Human interaction isn’t that bad and it will give your eyes a rest.

2. Eat a good breakfast – it sounds cliché, but it’s the most important meal of the day and will help you to stay focused and fresh, as well as ensuring you get all the minerals and vitamins you need.

3. Mono-task – doing a thousand things at once can really leave your brain feeling frazzled. The best way to overcome this is to focus on one job or task and do it amazingly well! It will give you joy from knowing you are doing the best you can do.

4. Read a book – whether it’s in the garden or on the tube, reading a book will help you escape from
everyday life. As well as improving your concentration and vocabulary, you’ll also be reducing stress!

5. Take a proper lunch break – don’t eat lunch at your desk! You’re at work most of the day, so take at least 30 minutes to enjoy your lunch somewhere else or get some fresh air to help break up the day! You’d be surprised how stepping away from the office can distance you away from stresses – both literally and mentally.

6. Download Headspace – this free app provides quick 10-minute meditations. This is something you can do on your lunch break or during a stressful, busy day. You’ll be able to work much better afterwards!

7. Walk in nature – use walks as a chance to get some fresh air, clear your head, and reflect, but also to let go. If you want to make it even more enjoyable, add some slow, relaxing music.

8. Be unavailable – being at the beck and call 24/7 is horrible for your anxiety levels. Try to be unavailable now and then from phone calls, emails, texts and even the doorbell – everything. Give yourself a chance to recharge without being disturbed and to not feel the pressures of the world.