Thursday 2 May 2019

Mitch's Kitchen

As a busy working mother having the option of healthy good convenient food is very important,  so I was super excited to learn about Mitch's Kitchen range of healthy meals. Mitch's Kitchen is an environmentally friendly business founded by Husband and Wife team Mitch & Shirin, they designed and developed the Mitch's Kitchen range of meals for people living a fast-paced plant-based lifestyle looking for convenience without sacrificing health, taste or the environment.

All of their packaging is sustainably sourced and is non-toxic and made from either biodegradable or recyclable. The only plastic used in the packaging process is the 100% recyclable lidding film which is helping to eliminate single-use plastic. As well as being plant-based, all of Mitch's Kitchen meals are also free from gluten, nuts, palm oil, refined sugar and pesticides.

I was really excited to get my hands on these meals, I'm always looking for quick healthy meals on the go, and although I'm not vegan, I'm defiantly looking to increase my daily intake of vegetables, so for me, the Mitch's Kitchen meal range is perfect.

Each meal is deliciously unique which gives you the option to try a varied different style of tastes, textures and flavours, all meals are freshly cooked packed for convenience. I must say I'm really impressed by the range of delicious flavours and would purchase them. I particularly loved the Moroccan Tagine as it is filled with aromatic spices and slow roasted vegetables, chickpeas and lentils, served with tri-colour quinoa and goji berries.

Mitch's Kitchen meal range is available to buy online each meal costs from £6,75, but if you use the discount code  MUMMYBE10 you will get 10% off click the lin below