Monday 29 July 2019

Angry Birds 2

If you loved the first 2016 Angry Birds movie which was based on the popular mobile game Angry Birds, then Angry Birds 2 is a must-see movie for you. We excitedly headed to Leicester Square Vue to celebrate the new release of Angry Birds 2.

The movie stars the much-loved birds Red, Chuck, Bomb and their feathered friends who are in for a shock when their usual battle with the green pigs comes to a halt when their pig enemies want a truce.

But things are not what the seam and there is a reason for the truce, Red and friends need to join forces with the green pigs to take on Zeta the purple feathered villain who is looking to take over both islands by destroying them with balls of ice. Red and his new found frenemies Leonard Mudbeard set out to recruit the best pigs and birds from amongst them, and come up with a plan to take on Zeta and stop her.

Angry Birds 2 is a long-awaited squeal which did not disappoint and was even better then we could have possibly imagined, not only was it fun, but it had hilariously funny moments throughout, without giving to much away watch out for the bathroom scene when the Angry Birds and Pigs are attempting to infiltrate Zetas island. Filled with catchy songs and funny dance moves, The Angry Birds 2 movie will keep everyone entertained.

Angry Birds 2 is out across UK cinemas on the 2nd August, a must-see movie this summer.