Comfort Pure

We adore Comfort Pure Fabric Conditioner and use it in very wash its great for sensitive skin as it's hypoallergenic and has been developed using the kindest ingredients for the most gentle and sensitive skin.

Comfort Pure is dermatologically tested and recognised by the British Skin Foundation as being perfect for those with sensitive skin, It has a delicate fresh fragrance that we love. There's nothing quite like snuggling up in a cosy robe that has been washed in Comfort Pure thanks to its Ultra-concentrated formula offers outstanding softness from a tiny dose

Comfort Pure comes in a convenient small pack and is available in 38 wash + 64 wash packs and is available at all major supermarkets. For more information visit:

#DressYourHeadUp With Energizer

Each year Energizer runs a 'Dress Your Head Up' stall at Bestival which encourages families to stay safe with head torches by giving them great materials to decorate them in an array of amazing designs. So we were really delighted to take part and design our very own head torches with these cool energizer goodies.

The boys had an amazing time decorating their energizer head torches. We use feathers and glow in the dark stars to get our desired look.


After lots of creative fun, we are very excited to team up with Energizer and bring our readers this cool competition where one lucky winner can WIN an Energizer fun craft pack *contents may vary. you can then decorate your very own head torch.and take part in #DressYourHeadUp. For more information on Energizer check Energizer/uk.

WIN an Energizer fun craft & head torch pack

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WIN: A LAMAZE Freddie the Firefly Collection Set

We’ve teamed up with Lamaze to offer three lucky winners the complete Freddie the Firefly™ Collection*includes The Freddie the Firefly, Freddie Gym, Freddie Suction toy and Freddie rattle.All in celebration of the brands new look that has been revealed today on the new Lamaze Facebook page -

The brand's new look will support Lamaze's vision to 'spark little triumphs and create moments of wonder' and will appeal to consumers through new packaging and positioning.
The new Facebook page is a space to celebrate your baby’s moments of joy, to share experiences and tips with other parents, and of course enjoy giveaways and some plain old fun! Each winner will receive The Freddie Collection which includes: Freddie the Firefly™ Clip‘n’ Go, Freddie Rattle, High Chair Toy and the 3-in-1 Gym.

Lamaze is the top trusted brand and Mum’s first choice for infant toys for pregnancy and the first year of baby’s life. Its vision is to spark little triumphs and create moments of wonder. Lamaze toys inspire daily discoveries that encourage baby to grow and develop in two ways - though independent and shared play. Each toy comes with a unique feature that can be activated by parents to create delightful surprises and bonding moments with baby, while the multiple colours, textures and sounds allow baby to explore and learn on their own.

Fans of the new Lamaze Facebook page will be treated to top tips from Coleen Rooney, the Lamaze brand ambassador. Lamaze will also be recruiting official toy testers every month to review products from the new collection.  

Visit the Lamaze Facebook page for more information:

To be in with a chance to win simply follow the instructions below.


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Fun In The Sun with Garnier Ambre Solaire:Kids

The past few weeks we have had glorous sunshine and azming hot days we have been defian,y making the most of the wether and enjoying familty days out by the seaside and in the park, so we were really delight to try Garnier Ambre Solaire for Kids,

I normally carry suncream with me especsally when we go out on sunny days, so I was really excited to put these creams to the test.

Ambre Solaire Easy Peasy - Wet Skin Lotion
This is Ambre Solaire’s 1st SPF 50 Kids Sun cream, it an be used directly on to wet skin and absorbs well into the skin and is easy to apply, I loved the gentle scent and have been using this on my skin and well as the kids, its amazing. Perfect for the beach or pool.

Ambre Solaire Easy Peasy -Anti-Sand Spray
I love this easy and simple to use Garnier Ambre Solaire’s SPF 50+ Sun Protection Anti-Sand Spray, The spray releases a fine mist of sun protection whiceasilyasyly absorbed into the skin. Great for on the beach as its sand resist. 

For more information check out Garnier-kids


This summer I excited to share one of my favorite Walkers  snack is marking launching its delicious snack crunchy cone-shaped Bugles,
This cool Bugles cone-structure shows just one of the many ways you can get creative with the crunchy corn snack, the giant 5’8 vision of the Walkers Bugles enchanted castle and dragon was created by Jacqui Kelly and curated by Miss Cakehead. The elaborate structure took over 200 hours to construct and used an impressive 21,500 Bugles to create with each flavour depicting a different element of the colossal cone-struction.

Cheese Bugles arranged into intricate geometric patterns emulate the fortified sandstone walls and turrets of the castle, whilst the Southern BBQ Bugles, which playfully overlap each other, portray the scales of the mischievous dragon. Sour Cream and Black Pepper crushed cones also represent the grassy castle grounds.

"This brief completely captured our imagination,” said Miss Cakehead of the structure.  “Just like Walkers Bugles, the mythical genre offers endless possibilities to bring ideas to life - anything is possible. Families will be able to get together and have some playful fun by creating their own games or having a go at a Bugles cone-structure – if they can keep their hands off the irresistible crunchy cones long enough that is!”

Thomas Barkholt, Marketing Director at Walkers said: “Bugles has been extremely popular throughout Europe and North America because of its fun shape, tasty crunch and great flavours and we are really excited to launch this in the UK. We know that people who have already tried them just can’t resist getting a bit silly with them, be that making them in to claws, fangs, horns or even using them as building blocks.  There are endless opportunities to get creative with Walkers Bugles and whilst clearly a little bit over the top, our mythical cone-structure is just the start.”

For more information please visit

Ice Age: Collision Course

We loved all the cool Ice Age movies, so we were really excited to watch this cool sequel, the story begins with Scrat a prehistoric squirrel who loves his tasty acorns, but on hunt for his favourite food he finds himself  inside a UFO, before Scrat and scarper with his acorn he finds himself  on a journey to outer space, here  he accidentally sets off a host of cosmic events which may threaten the Ice Age World.

Buck shows up and has a fantastic idea which may save the day, so Sid, Manny and Elle, Diego and friends leave their home and embark on a quest to save themselves and to turn around the catastrophic events. On their adventure they meet many friends who are happy to help, A humorous family movie filled with laughs family bonds, friendship and love, which adults and kids will appreciate.

Ice Age Collision Couse is in cinemas on the 15th July in 3D AND 2D

Producered by Lori Forte and Directed by Mike Thurmeier and Galen Chu  and stars returning cast members Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Seann William Scott, Josh Peck, Simon Pegg, Keke Palmer, Wanda Sykes with Jennifer Lopez and Queen Latifah, Joining the herd are Stephanie Beatriz, Adam Devine, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Max Greenfield, Jessie J, Nick Offerman, Melissa Rauch, Michael Strahan, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

For more information check out

Pencils Down, It’s Time To Play…

Parents and Teachers Try New Tactics To Ready Gen Z For the Real World
Primary age children spend approximately 7 hours a day at school, a lengthy amount of time by European standards, and that’s before extracurricular commitments such as Breakfast Club and after school tuition are factored in. As a result, 92% of parents fundamentally believe teachers share the responsibility of nurturing a child’s emotional wellbeing.
Research* commissioned by Nintendo (which delved into parents’ attitudes around the challenges faced by children growing up in Britain today) reveals that 70% of parents worry that their youngsters are growing up too fast and may lack the ability to bounce back from adversity, partly due to the parents own nervousness at broaching issues.
The study revealed that 56% of parents feel ill-equipped to tackle subjects they are uncomfortable with, and even lie when faced with tricky questions. More than half of the 1000 parents questioned (58%) admitted they would feel more comfortable discussing maths homework with their children compared with tackling the complexities of a relationship breakdown or debating image worries - as they feel unsure of how to introduce such topics. 
In modern society, complex issues such as Brexit, cyber bullying and terrorism are unavoidable, and it can be daunting for parents to navigate these new minefields.
The Department of Education shares this belief and has recently tasked educators to help ensure children are properly supported**. Pioneering schools are now trialing innovative ways to engage children: from using play to explain complex situations to introducing 'happiness and wellbeing' classes, devised to nurture emotional resilience and boost self esteem.
An example is Chris McGivern, a Year 3 educator at Southgate Primary School in West Sussex. After researching what children like to do in their spare time, he discovered 75% of children aged between 6 and 10 regularly play videogames***. An advocate of play, he decided to find a way to bring this passion into his classroom and bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and fun.
Mr McGivern’s classes feature characters children love, particularly popular faces from Nintendo’s kid-friendly videogames, like Mario as well as from children's popular TV shows like Peppa Pig. He uses situations and characters to facilitate discussion, reporting that classes are more motivated to debate different issues through this guise, from experiencing conflict to dealing with divorce and feeling lonely. By using playful tactics to explain difficult scenarios, he has found that children are instantly more able to talk things through calmly, question why something might have happened and then consider the solution. 
 The school has recently trialed Japanese phenomenon YO-KAI WATCH® as a stimulus to aid personal development lessons. Arriving in the UK earlier this year, YO-KAI WATCH®  is becoming a true playground craze and a firm favourite up and down the country, thanks to the Nintendo 3DS game, animated TV series on Cartoon Newtork and range of toys from Hasbro.  
For Mr. McGivern, YO-KAI WATCH®s appeal lay in its use of Japanese folklore, where the characters create a world that children can grasp.  Each character (Yo-kai) is based on a circumstance real children worry about, such as competing against a friend (a trait present in the Yo-kai ‘Blazion’), family arguments (personified through ‘Dismarelda’) or being the subject of gossip (shown via ‘Tattletell’).
He then applies the experiences present in the game to relate to a child’s real life.
Leading child development and play expert, Dr Amanda Gummer advocates the introduction of play to areas outside of the playground, thanks to its proven impact on cognitive development.
She comments by disguising a lesson in play, children have fun as well as learn. They relax and become more open to talking about what they think and how they feel. This trick can be a useful tool for parents and teachers as it’s easier to properly engage a child with a subject that might have been difficult to discuss, were it not for the playful distraction.’
Dr Gummer applauds this use of popular culture in a non-traditional environment and advises that parents who feel nervous about approaching difficult topics with children can easily apply playful tactics at home, helping to build on their child’s emotional resilience over the summer and enabling them to think more critically.
With classes set to break up this week, Dr. Gummer has created a set of tips designed to equip parents keen to apply the principles of play to their time together.
For Dr Gummer’s tips, please refer to supporting document for full details.
In addition to YO-KAI WATCH®, Nintendo also has an array of games available this summer that can help captivate and engage young minds through the Nintendo 3DS family systems. For more information on Nintendo’s kid-friendly games that can apply the principles of play, please visit the Nintendo website.

Our BEAR Adventure

We love adventures as much as we love BEAR, so it was great to hear that BEAR have teamed up with the WildLife Trusts to encourage children to explore their outdoors, In each special pack of BEAR fruit Paws you will find three cool cards with exciting activities to help you with fun adventure ideas.


My boys love exploring the outdoors and love nothing more than having a fun adventure, we are certainly looking forward to having more adventures using these cool activity cards.

BEARSPaws are 100% pure fruit and come in tasty Paw shapes, we love the fact that they have no added artificial ingredients, they are the perfect snack as they count as one of your five a day, and they taste delicious.

BEAR Paws come in four tasty flavours : Strawberry & Apple, Raspberry & Blueberry, Apple & Blackcurrant, Mango & Strawberry.

We love all of the flavours thy equally taste delicious. RRP £2.49 for a Multipack of 5 x 20g from Ocado and all good supermarkets.

The Big Co-op Clean #BigCoopClean

I was amazed to know that Co-Ops up and down the country are encouraging their local communities to take part in the #BigCoopClean campaign. Every week co-operative societies up and down the country are coming together to remind local people to choose co-operative and help clean up their communities.

The Big Co-op Clean is an opportunity for people to come together to help out in their community and help improve their local environment, Co-Op are currently running 13 big events around the country and our members are organising even more, so why not check out the events page to find one near you Co-operative/Events, if you can't find an event near you then you can organise an event yourself. Co-Op have put together a cool toolkit to help you get started. For more information check out Co-op Clean

Summer Salads With Sainsburys

Sainsburys are helping its customers be more creative with their vegetables as they recently noticed a huge upturn in sales of vegetables with Avocado (147%), asparagus spears (118%), broccoli (40%), courgettes (30%) and bunched beetroot (25%) leading the way. So they teamed up with vegetable expert and artist Amber Locke to help show their customers an array of ways they can help incorporated vegetables and salads into everyday meals and allow customers to discover new and exciting ways to eat vegetables.With this in mind, I decided to put my salad skills to the test and create this salad.

Avocado Salad

You will need
Red Onion
Fresh Coriander
Squeeze of Lime Juice

I simply diced up all the ingredients along with some finely diced coriander, squeeze the lime juice over the salad. Delicious.

Sainsbury’s is leading the way with cool innovative products such as Courgetti and Boodles which are made primarily from vegetables for more vegetable inspiration, please visit and check out Amber Locke

PetPlan My Dream Pet

The boys were really excited to take part in Pet Plan My Dream Pet challenge, It was simple the
kids had put their skills to the test and design a pet, it could be as outrageous or simplistic as they wanted, they simply had to use their imagination.and they were given the opportunity to see their creation  transformed into a soft toy. The boys couldn't wait to get started and as they both love cats they both opted for very styles of Cats.

With the help of Pet Plan we were given this cool craft box full drawing supplies to help us get started and as Petplan cares for the welfare all pets and as most of us dream of having a little puppy as a pet when we were younger. Petplan sent is a cool booklet which details different types of dog breeds and some informative information on Pet Insurance.

Both of the boys really thought through their designs and eventually we submitted our designs, we waited a few weeks and before we knew it these cool cats arrived through the door.

We were all amazed how the boys drawings were made into these cool 3d cats, they looked great and every little detail of their design had been captured.

Wet Head

We had seen the TV advert and watched the YouTube clips of the cool Wet Head game, Wet Head is a fun a water roulette game. To play you simply fill the Wet Head with water and strap the hat onto your head, then take turns to spin the top and pull out any one of the rods. If you are lucky you will stay dry, it's then your turn to pass the Wet Head to the next player.


The boys had the most amazing time playing, it was great fun game full suspense and excitement, I love that you can adjust the amount of water you use and that you can just take turns or use the spinner provided,  We are really looking forward to many hours of family fun with this game, perfect for those hot summer days. We love Wet Head and cannot recommend this game enough, defiantly a must have family game.

The Wet Head also has a cool Challenge app which is available on iOS and Android it includes fun trivia questions and a special recording feature which allows players to capture the moment of drenching and share your video on YouTube or social media. Using the hashtag #WetHeadChallenge.

Wet Head comes with one hat, eight pins, and a spinner. and is available from all good toy shops for RRP £19.99rrp,


Kellogg’s Special K has an exciting new range.  Kellogg’s Special K Nourish, a delicious cereal blended and packed with delicious ingredients and nutrients to help you feel good and are the perfect way to start your day.

The delicious combination of flakes, clusters and seeds and dried fruit with help give you a tasty balanced breakfast, each scrumptious pack is a great source of vitamin D, which will help in the maintenance bones, and vitamin B2 which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue,


Every bowl contains an abundance of flavours with three tasty variants available: Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Redcurrants; Hazelnut, Pumpkin Seeds and Almonds; or Dark Chocolate and Coconut. There are three delicious varieties to choose from.

NOURISH DARK BERRIES - A nutritious blend of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and redcurrant.

NOURISH DARK CHOCOLATE & COCONUT - A wonderful combination of dark chocolate curls with coconut.

NOURISH NUTS & SEEDS - A delicious mix of hazelnut, almond, and pumpkin seeds.

Each of the delicious cereals are very morish and the perfect way to start your day, Kelloggs Nourish come in 330g packs and RRP £2.99 from all major supermarkets.