Wednesday 6 July 2016

PetPlan My Dream Pet

The boys were really excited to take part in Pet Plan My Dream Pet challenge, It was simple the
kids had put their skills to the test and design a pet, it could be as outrageous or simplistic as they wanted, they simply had to use their imagination.and they were given the opportunity to see their creation  transformed into a soft toy. The boys couldn't wait to get started and as they both love cats they both opted for very styles of Cats.

With the help of Pet Plan we were given this cool craft box full drawing supplies to help us get started and as Petplan cares for the welfare all pets and as most of us dream of having a little puppy as a pet when we were younger. Petplan sent is a cool booklet which details different types of dog breeds and some informative information on Pet Insurance.

Both of the boys really thought through their designs and eventually we submitted our designs, we waited a few weeks and before we knew it these cool cats arrived through the door.

We were all amazed how the boys drawings were made into these cool 3d cats, they looked great and every little detail of their design had been captured.