Thursday 21 July 2016


This summer I excited to share one of my favorite Walkers  snack is marking launching its delicious snack crunchy cone-shaped Bugles,
This cool Bugles cone-structure shows just one of the many ways you can get creative with the crunchy corn snack, the giant 5’8 vision of the Walkers Bugles enchanted castle and dragon was created by Jacqui Kelly and curated by Miss Cakehead. The elaborate structure took over 200 hours to construct and used an impressive 21,500 Bugles to create with each flavour depicting a different element of the colossal cone-struction.

Cheese Bugles arranged into intricate geometric patterns emulate the fortified sandstone walls and turrets of the castle, whilst the Southern BBQ Bugles, which playfully overlap each other, portray the scales of the mischievous dragon. Sour Cream and Black Pepper crushed cones also represent the grassy castle grounds.

"This brief completely captured our imagination,” said Miss Cakehead of the structure.  “Just like Walkers Bugles, the mythical genre offers endless possibilities to bring ideas to life - anything is possible. Families will be able to get together and have some playful fun by creating their own games or having a go at a Bugles cone-structure – if they can keep their hands off the irresistible crunchy cones long enough that is!”

Thomas Barkholt, Marketing Director at Walkers said: “Bugles has been extremely popular throughout Europe and North America because of its fun shape, tasty crunch and great flavours and we are really excited to launch this in the UK. We know that people who have already tried them just can’t resist getting a bit silly with them, be that making them in to claws, fangs, horns or even using them as building blocks.  There are endless opportunities to get creative with Walkers Bugles and whilst clearly a little bit over the top, our mythical cone-structure is just the start.”

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