Sunday 26 August 2012

Busy Mums

All mums work hard, from everyday chores to cooking,cleaning the house,paying bills and handling finances and shopping,helping kids with homework, spending time with husband/partner/family the list is endless and on top of that most of us busy mums also hold down full or part time know when your on the go none stop because you can't remember the last time you felt what I wouldn't do for a spot of wonder we're tired.
So here are a few tips do keep ourselves focused and on schedule.

1 - Be prepared- keep a running to do list/diary this will help you stay on top of our every changing routine, that way you can prioritise you day and complete the most pressing tasks first eg that bill if must be paid today !!!

2 - The night before - set out clothes, socks, shoes ok might sound crazy but how many times have you hunted for that sock thats disappeared in the draw, have book bags home work ready to go!!! so there's no rushing around in the morning hunting for the book bag, ensure packed lunches are ready the night before,also get your bag ready. if you are calm and relaxed your children will be too,children feed off our emotions.

3 - Wake up- get yourself up at least an hour before the kids to that way you can have your breakfast and pace yourself as you get ready for work, trust be it helps. Your also feel less stressed and will be able to focus your attention on the kids.

4 - Meal plan - plan your meals - by planing what your going to eat each day will help with your weekly shop, write down what your going to have each day so you can pre-cook or store food in fridge/freezer. More meal planning idea blogs coming soon.

5- Negotiate- Discuss how you can share your load with your partner/husband and share some of the        household chores and childcare duties we all can do with a helping hand.

6 - Routine - Keep and maintain a good routine for your children eg homework times and bedtime routines not only will it help you but your children also benefit from regular routines.

7 - Family Time - plan enjoyable family activities eg once a month or weekly, these can be as simple as going to the park.

8 - Communication - A happy home is one that communicates, ensure you keep good communication between yourself husband/partner and the children in the family.Children are smart young adults share family life with them.

9 - ME Time - make sure you allow some time for yourself - if you have established a good routine for your children  then at the end of each evening set aside some time to relax and put your feet up.

10 - Enjoy family life - As hectic as it is most of us wouldn't change it for the world, Enjoy and make the most of each crazy day, A good  example I always try to recall "whilst in the throws of housework I sat down to catch my breath" and one of my sons just came over and plonked down on my lap, Just before I moved him along I stopped and caught myself "How many more years will he do this" These moments might never come back" I sat and I embraced him thinking "The washing can wait" Enjoy those precious moments, Great memories are what we all cherish and look back on. Those moments wont last forever but the housework will always be there.