Sunday 25 January 2015

Breakfast Week with Nestlé

The Shake Up Your Wake Up is a campaign showcasing the most important meal of the day to raise awareness of the health and nutritional benefits of breakfast. 
The aim is to encourage consumers to enjoy a healthy breakfast every day, So why not celebrate breakfast week with our favorite cereals from Nestle.

We have been challenged by the lovley people at Nestle to shake up and wake up and get creative by creating our very own Nestle cereal using a mix and match of our favorite Nestle cereals. We are huge Nestle cereal fans not only because Nestle cereals are extremely tasty, but the green banner across the top is a visual reminder that these tasty cereals are full of whole grain goodness as they are high in fibre and full of important nutrients, such as B vitamins, calcium and iron which are important for our health. also Nestle Cereals are the prefect way to start the day. 


So here's our Nestle creation Chocolate Chip Creddies a delicious mixtures of Cookie Crisp and Shreddies with this combination we have a crunchy chocolate chip texture and the delicious taste of the Shreddies with a generous splash or warm milk our Chocolate Chip Creddies taste amazing.

Breakfast Week starts on Sunday 25th January to Sunday 31st January.