Wednesday 28 January 2015

My First Home - Keepmoat

Keepmoat, are launching a amazing competition exclusively for bloggers and their children, as they want to know what it is they love, or loved, the most about their first home.

My boys were  super excited to take part and we had a great time sharing and remembering our favorite memories as well as my boys  favorite places around the home.

Favorite Memory
It was great to listen to my son recall the day we all had a paper ball fight, started by my husband who decided to roll up a ball of paper and hit my son on the head as a joke, soon turned into a full on fight where we were all scrambling into various rooms around the house looking for paper to screw up and throw at each other, we were all in fits of laughter, a great day and wonderful memory to look back on.

Favourite Spaces at Home

My son loves his bunk bed it were is likes to sit and read and get super cosy on the cold nights.

Our living room has to be one of our most used spaces in our home, the boys love nothing more then sitting on our recliner sofa and chilling out watching a movie or playing on their Ipad's. We all spend most of our time here together having lots of family fun.

My youngest son loves to help in the kitchen, he is always happy to help cook, especially if we are baking, its a great place for us to bond and spend some quality time together and catch up on our day.

We are excited to take part in this cool competition check out keepmoat/my first home for more information.