Saturday 7 February 2015

New Nintendo 3DS - Review

We were super excited to get our hands on the Brand New Nintendo 3DS, which has awesome new and improved features, as soon as we set eyes on the 3Ds we were  ready for some serious game play.

The first really noticeable feature for us was that the New Nintendo 3DS is has the option for you to customise your Nintendo 3Ds with the cool replaceable cover plates, 
this means you can choose your preferred design or character and add those small but very important personal touches to your device which my boys really love. There is also several themes and designs features available to purchase from the Theme Shop to continue your personalisation inside the console.


The New Nintendo 3DS has several new and improved features from an upgraded camera which allows you to take picture in dim lights to the new integrated C Stick (Grey Button) which can be found near the colourful control buttons as well as additional ZL AND ZR buttons which are located next to the L and R buttons, these buttons add additional control to surf the internet and play games.

We really love the 3D visual effect which can be adjusted to suit your preference. Not only does this New 3DS console look amazing, it also has Amiibo functionality which allows you to use the Amiibo interactive figures with Amiibo compatible software.

Overall we really love this awesome New Nintendo 3DS, we love the new design features, the boys have loved playing their favourite games as well as surfing the net. We are very happy that we can continue to play with all of our existing Nintendo games, as well as transferring the software and data from our old Nintendo to out new 3DS.
My boys have played the old Nintendo 3DS and agree that this Nintendo 3DS an amazing improvement and is the must have hand held console.
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