Tuesday 17 February 2015

Squid Soap - A unique Hand washing Experience for Children

Hand washing is always very important and something we all encourage, but getting your children to wash their hands long enough to remove germs can always be a bit of a challenge, 

But now Squid Soap have designed an amazing soap which will not only teach your children to wash their hands but will also encourage your children to wash their hands for the recommend time of  20 seconds which can prevent the spread of a harmful gems and bacteria.

What makes Squid Soap unique is that it comes with a small magic ink pad on the top soap pump, so when you push down you will get a small ink dot on your hand, this is then a fantastic reminder for your little one to lather up the soap and wash their hands for 20 seconds or until the ink has gone, this is a fantastic way to encourage children to was their hands thoroughly.

Squid Soap is PH neutral and gentle on little hands and the ink which is used is perfectly safe for all of the family as it is commonly used in food, so its perfect for keeping your hands clean and hygienic.

We were lucky enough to try Squeaky Squid which comes with yellow ink and has a light lemony scent, We really love the concept of Squid Soap my son has even given his approval and wants me to buy this soap all of the time.

Squid Soap comes in four amazing colours and is available in 250ml bottles, Squid Soap will be available exclusively to Tesco from the 2nd of March 2015 and retail for £2.