Saturday 8 April 2017

Doritos Heatburst


We are huge Doritos fans, and recently my go to snack had to be Doritos Roulette, but when I found out that Doritos had introduced two new flavours, I really couldn't wait to try them.

These delicious Doritos tortilla chips are totally unique as at first you taste the tasty great flavour of either the BBQ or Chipotle Cream, and as you eat you suddenly get a hot explosion of fiery chilli, which is amazing, this happens because Doritos Heatburst has mini chilli capsules mixed in the tortilla that are released as you crunch, bringing in a second burst of flavour. I absolutely love this as its totally different from any tortilla chip out there, my favourite has to be the BBQ.

If you’re bold enough to try them, Doritos Heatburst are available in BBQ and Chilli in 80g and 162g, and Chipotle Cream and Chilli in 162g for £1.99 RRP from all major retailers. For more information about Doritos Heatburst please visit or