Wednesday 26 April 2017

Naked Pressed Juice

I defiantly don't eat enough fruit and vegetables, so I was really keen to try Naked Pressed Juice. Naked Pressed is a delicious blend of cold pressed fruit and vegetables and counts towards your recommended 5 a day daily intake.  Naked Pressed Juice comes is three different flavours:

Bright Greens - A mix of seven juices including apple, cucumber, spinach, celery, courgette and wheatgrass I really like this blend is was tasty and very refreshing,

Lively Carrot- A five juice blend of carrots, turmeric cucumber, orange, lemon and apple, turmeric and vanilla bean, this sweet spicy drink is very tasty.

Bold Beet -  A blend of five juices including beetroot, cucumber, carrots, and apple with a hint of ginger.

I really liked the Naked Pressed Juice and was pleasantly surprised by the taste, so much so that I will defiantly be purchasing them again soon. Naked Juices are available from most major supermarkets RRP 500ml £3.79, 250ml  RRP £2.29.