Monday 3 April 2017

The Boss Baby - Movie Review

We had seen the trailers,  so we were really excited to finally get the opportunity to see DreamWorks Animation The Boss Baby.

We headed to Vue Cinema in West London, the boys also had the opportunity to try out their boss skills The Boss Baby Boardroom at Kidzaina.

The movie follows Tim an imaginative seven year old and his family, life is good for Tim, until a new baby arrives, but this baby is not an ordinary baby, and soon Tim realises that The Boss Baby is on a secret mission to discover why babies are losing out on love, their sibling rivalry is then on hold and the two join force to solve the mission and get what they think they both want.

The Boss Baby is a hilariously funny movie, right from the very start we were laughing, The Baby Boss tells the story of sharing love and family, a great movie for all ages,

The Boss Baby is based on the award-winning picture book by Marla Frazee. The Boss Baby stars Alec Baldwin - (The Boss Baby), Steve Buscemi - (Francis E Francis), Jimmy Kimmel -(Ted Templeton), Lisa Kudrow (Janice Templeton), Miles Bakshi - (Tim Templeton). For more information on the movie check out The Boss Baby social media links below.

The Boss Baby will be released at a cinema near you on 7th April.