Thursday 30 March 2017

Messy Play with Persil


Persil has a cool free on pack redeemable £5 Disney Store voucher to celebrate Disney's Beauty and The Beast, to remind and celebrate children getting messy and that dirt is not only good but also fun. Persil has created these fun activities that you can share with your little ones.

Persil Beauty and The Beast

Rainbow Spaghetti 
You will need:
500g spaghetti
sealable freezer bags
food colouring (various shades)

Cook the spaghetti per pack instructions, drain and cool under cold water.
Divide the spaghetti into freezer bags and add a different colour of food colouring per bag.
Leave for 10 minutes to absorb and then add spaghetti onto a large tube, then explore and investigate.

Rainbow Spaghetti

Mud Pies
You will need:
An array of sticks, twigs flowers. stones.

Mix the water and soil to form a dough like consistency, add more soil and water when necessary until you reach the required consistency.
Mold the mud into a pie and flatten down.
Decorate with stick, twigs, and stones.