Saturday 11 March 2017

Wild Science: Cake Soap Factory

We were really looking forward to sharing with our readers the Global Science Challenge where you could be in the chance to win a family trip to Orlando Florida, simply get your hands on one of the fun and educational Wild Science Kits:

Lava Lamp and Glitter Tube Lab
Cake Soap Factory
Bath Bomb Factory
Perfume Factory

Then simply submit your proof of purchase along with your very own science kit idea, click on to the image above to find out more detailed information on how you can get involved in this cool challenge.

We were ever so excited to get our hands on the Cake Soap Factory and put our crating and science skills to the test, we were looking forward to making the soaps and learning about solids, liquids, and stable foam.  Inside the box was all we needed to get started along with an instruction booklet which was really clear and gave us all the help we needed to get started.


We choose to make the cupcake soap first, we then followed the instructions which were to melt two blocks of the soap base and 1 block of the Titanium Dioxide in the microwaveable beaker provided.


It's recommended that you use oven gloves to protect yourself when handling the hot soap, it was great fun watching the soap cube dissolve from a solid form so quickly into a liquid, we then added some of the colouring into the liquid to create our soap.


Once we had the desired colour we used the molds to created our soaps, the soaps seemed to harden within 10-15 minutes, but we waited until they were completely cool before we attempted to remove them from the molds.


This was the fun part that we were really looking forward to making the foam frosting and decorating our soap cakes, we heated 20ml of water and then added three blocks of the clear soap, we then had to continually mix the liquid until it began to cool and thicken, it did take a while but watching the clear liquid turn to foam was amazing.

Our finished soap cake creations, we loved every minute of this cool Wild Science Kit, not only was it great fun but it was really educational, we also learned some interesting facts whilst having fun. For more information on this product check out