Monday 13 March 2017

John Adams: Gross Science Kit

As its British Science Week, we were excited to get in the spirit and experiment with John Adams Gross Science Kit.

Gross Science is a cool kit that teaches you just how disgusting yet amazing the human body is, the set includes 12 gross experimental activities from
Bouncy Poo
Boils and Spots
Along with a step by step instruction booklet, with lots of cool facts from how poo made and how burps are formed. So we couldn't wait to get started.

This activity was fun, we mixed the liquid until it thickened into a pink gooey putty which we could poke and squeeze to make farting sounds.
Bouncy Poo
Using the pink gooey putty, we mixed in some red and brown colouring to create this poo, we put it into the mold provided and waited for the poo to set, the boys are definitely planning a prank on their dad with this one.
This gross science activity has a few steps that you need to follow in order to create the finished eyeball, but it was great fun and defiantly worth the short wait, my son was delighted with the finished creation.

Here is a close up of all our Gross Science activities, we had so much fun, we are really looking forward to trying out the rest of the Gross Science Experiments. Gross Science is suitable for children aged 7+, form more information check out