Friday 17 March 2017


Easter is just around the corner so Cadbury is gearing up for Easter by inviting its chocolate fans across the country to join in Cadbury’s Great British Egg Hunt. Cadbury has teamed up with the National Trust to offer families the ultimate day out with more than 300 Cadbury Easter Egg hunts being activated across various sites in the lead up to Easter. Find a an egg hunt near you.

To celebrate the Cadbury Easter Bunny paid a visit to the Bournville factory, where he filled up his basket with egg delicious Easter treats to deliver the delicious products to the nation, meaning Cadbury’s Great British Egg Hunt is officially on.

If you live in London or are visiting central London tomorrow then head down to the southbank near the at the iconic London Eye and you will find an incredible two metre tall maze, which will challenge visitors to navigate their way through the maze as they hunt down hidden eggs. Each child that takes part with their family will also be given an Easter basket to fill with delicious Cadbury Easter chocolates, participants will also be invited to visit the fun-filled activity stations where children will be able to enjoy further Easter delights including decorating Easter eggs and making bunny masks.

When: this Saturday 18th March 
Where: Southbank
When: Saturday 18th March, 11am-4pm
Cost: Free

To find out more about the Cadbury’s Great British Egg Hunts visit

To coincide with the activity here are some fun facts from Cadbury on the Easter season:

1. 255,000 Cadbury Easter Eggs are made at the Bournville factory every day
2. That is 10,625 Cadbury Easter Eggs made per hour… and 177 per minute!
3. If you stacked every Cadbury Easter Egg made at Bournville every day on top of each other you’d have a tower of Cadbury Eggs as high as 98 Eiffel Towers’, 76 Empire State Building’s, 305 Big Ben’s, or 11,590 Sultan Kosen’s – the tallest man in the world!
4. Over 83 million* Easter Eggs are sold in the UK over the Easter season, with the Cadbury Creme Egg 138g Easter Egg being the most popular variant
5. Over 300 million Cadbury Creme Eggs are made every year, with about two thirds of that number being enjoyed in the UK – that is 3.5 Cadbury Creme Eggs for every man, woman and child in the country to enjoy!
6. The first Cadbury Easter egg hatched onto the production line back in 1875. These Cadbury Easter eggs were made of dark chocolate with a plain smooth surface and filled with dragées, sugar coated chocolate drops. The earliest decorated eggs were plain Easters enhanced by chocolate piping and marzipan flowers, a far cry from the exciting varieties now available on shelves!