Monday 5 June 2017

Staying Refreshed with Fruit Shoot Hydro

Last week we headed to The Castle Climbing Centre in East London, where the kids had a 90-minute rock climbing experience which tested their physical and mental agility, whilst the kids sweated it out testing their climbing skills, we had the chance to meet with expert dietician Jo Travers who shared top tips on how to keep kids refreshed this summer with Fruit Shoot Hydro.

Fruit Shoot Hydro introduces a new way to drink water, the naturally flavoured spring water drinks come in a burst of fruity flavours: Apple and Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Orange and Pineapple, the great thing about Fruit Shoot Hydro is that they contain no added sugar, artificial colours or flavouring.


As a mum of two boys I know just how difficult it can be when it comes to encouraging my kids to stay refreshed and these tasty Fruit Shoot Hydro drinks will certainly help, not only do they taste deliciously refreshing, but the resealable cap makes them the perfect choice when on the go. Dietician Jo Travers gave us some amazing advice when it comes to encouraging the kids to drink more.

Jo Travers Top Tips On How To Get Your Child To Drink Enough:

1 - Be persistent! It’s an obvious one but get into the habit of offering your child a drink regularly throughout the day and eventually they will get into the habit of remembering for themselves

2- All drinks count! Anything with water in it will help keep kids refreshed. Get creative by making fruit milkshakes and slushies, or give active kids no-added sugar, naturally flavoured spring water drinks such as Fruit Shoot Hydro to keep them refreshed on the go

3 - Eat more water! Lots of foods have water in them. Fruits, vegetables, soups, yoghurts, breakfast cereals with milk, and even pasta and rice absorb water when they cook. Home-made ice lollies with juice and water are also a great way to get fluids in kids

4 - Get creative! Make drinks more fun with colourful cups and straws or by adding fresh fruit. You can also create colourful ice cubes by freezing fresh fruit and water to make any drink look and taste delicious

5 - Reward them! Get them to tick a box every time they have a drink during the day and when they reach their goal, give them a reward

Jo Travers - Staying hydrated is important for everyone but crucial for children, as they have a larger percentage of body water than adults. The most obvious symptom of mild dehydration is feeling thirsty but it’s not the only sign or even necessarily the first one. Headaches, constipation, a lack of concentration, and low energy or mood swings are all signs that a child may be mildly dehydrated.


I was in awe of the boys as they challenged themselves to reach the highest points on the climbing wall, it was hard work just watching them, they certainly worked up a sweat and couldn't wait to cool down and have a drink. 


The boys had the most wonderful day expressing themselves and testing their climbing abilities. Fruit Shoot Hydro comes in 200ml and 350ml bottles and are available from all major supermarkets.

Thank You to The Castle Climbing and the Fruit Shoot team for an amazing day.