Sunday 18 June 2017

Tape Face

Last Sunday we eagerly headed to West London's Garick Theatre to watch Tape Face. Tape Face is currently on at the Garick Theatre for seven weeks only and features comedian mime artist Sam Wills who is well known for reaching Americas Got Talent final as The Boy with Tape on His Face.

Tape Face uses his uncanny look and stage presence along with his bag full of everyday boring objects to create a hilariously funny stage show, a stunning visual performance with popular music, props and audience participation which makes the show even more uniquely funny as Tape Face feeds off the audience's presence all the way through.

Tape Face literally has the audience in hs hands from the start to finish, the audience roared with laughter there was never a dull moment. I cant even begin to tell you how hard I laughed and cried at some of the gags, they really need to be seen to be believed! who would have thought that a mime artist could literally have you in floods of tears?

The entire show is full of surprises and unexpected visual gags which will leave you astounded and talking about them long after you leave. a truly magical show. Tape Face is now on at the Garrick Theatre from the June 6 until July 22. Tickets on sale now at with prices staring from £23.65.