Monday 4 November 2013

Firework Fun

We had an awesome time yesterday at out local Fireworks Display...We half ran out of excitement to the park...( my aching calf muscles can testify to this) we arrived quite early, but the park was already quite packed...we were lucky to find a space in the front row...

We laughed and joked the time away as we stood waiting for the display....and we wasn't disappointed it was many beautiful colours filled the sky...amazing...we had the most awesome time.

Awesome Display.

My boys had noticed a stall selling light up toy' we headed over and purchased a couple...needless to say by the time we had finished looking at the stall, which took forever as the boy's couldn't decided which ones they wanted.... the park had almost legs were killing me and all I wanted was a cuppa...then the rain started to fall (ooooh nooo and I only had my woolly poncho on)......But it didn't matter we had an awesome time.

Great fun and memories.

We arrived home very wet..but happy...and that cuppa was great.