Monday 11 November 2013

Nintendo 2DS & Animal Crossing New Leaf - Review

We a huge gaming fans and my boys are totally game crazy, they love nothing more then some gaming fun....So we were were delighted to test the New Nintendo 2DS and the amazing Nintendo Game Animal Crossing New Leaf. 
Animal Crossing New Leaf is an amazing game where you are the mayor of your own town, you can make all the decisions and choose how you want to create and design your town, you can build and shape your ideal environment...with so many activities to do, from designing your own home to having fun enjoying the endless activities on offer, the ability to shape your experiences and desires in real time is boys love this game they enjoyed the fact they didn't have to try and achieve any level building or set goals...its all about having fun in the virtual world doing exactly what you want.

To play Animal Crossing New Leaf on the New Nintendo 2DS was absolutely fantastic....the buttons were easy to reach and the graphics are amazing...We really loved design and the cool looking two tone colour design blue/black also available in white/red.

The Nintendo 2DS fitted snugly into my adult hands as well as my boy's making the console very easy to hold and view... which made game play easy and fun. We really really like new design as it feel very solid and sturdy which is fantastic for children.

We really love the fact we can play our old Nintendo DS games on the console which is really cool as the Nintendo 2DS will play all previous games.
The Nintendo 2DS has very similar features as the 3DS apart from the 3D feature which we never really previously used....this model doesn't have hinges and therefore has a sleep mode button. overall we are extremely delighted the Nintendo 2DS is an amazing sturdy console..ideal for children and adults.

The Nintendo 2DS retails at £109.99 and can be purchased online via Nintendo Store at all good store 
Nintendo Animal Crossing New Leaf retails at £34.99 and can be purchased via Nintendo Store

We were given the Nintendo 2DS console & Animal Crossing New Leaf game to review - all thoughts are that of our own, and we share our honest thoughts and opinions.