Monday 11 August 2014

Mackays New Conserve Range

We are huge Jam fans in our house and love nothing more then a slice of toast topped with a tasty jam, So we were very so delighted to try Mackays New Conserve Range.

Mackay's is a family run business and ensures all their Jams, Marmalade's and Curds are produced to the highest quality. by producing small authentic batches for a quality and homemade taste.

Mackays Jams are made in a traditional authentic way by using steam heated Copper pans to ensure the sugar and fruit are boiled slowly which allows the flavours be be released slowly before setting. Mackays Jams are made using Scottish Raspberries and Strawberries which are considered to be the best berries in the world

I had never had Mackays before, But I must say the Jams tasted amazing and I very much look forward to having them many years to come.

Mackays Cherry Conserve - A very thick deliciously tasting Jam, Made with real fruit pieces absolutely delicious.

Mackays Raspberry Jam - Super tasty jam, I loved the texture and tasted amazing and was great on thickly cut fresh bread. 

Mackays Strawberry Jam - I always tend to opt for Strawberry Jam as its my favourite, I loved every mouthful of this Jam, very moreish, my new favorite strawberry jam.  

Mackays Jam Tarts

All of the Mackays Jams were so delicious I wanted not only wanted to have these amazing tasty Jams on my toast but I also wanted to make some fresh jam tarts.

Mackays Jam (Use your Favourite Flavour)
Filo Pasty
Butter for brushing

This is a really simple and quick recipe, simple cut approx six layers of Filo Pastry into 12 small squares, You will have to work quite quickly as Filo pasty dries out very quickly. Using a muffin tin butter the inside of the dish before layering each square around the muffin tin followed by a brush of butter to allow pastry to stick together.
Layer all six small squares and then fill with Mackays Jam and bake in a preheated oven gas mark 5 for approx. 12 minutes or until pasty is a golden brown...Allow to cool and serve alone or with a fresh dollop of crème fresh.