Tuesday 26 August 2014

Yollies - Yogurt Lolly

We were absolutely delighted to try the amazing New Yollies, Yollies are from the makers of  Cheesestrings who have brought a cool and unique dairy delight on a stick, 

Yollies are Made from a deliciously fruity yogurt, We were amazed at the thick creamy texture which was unlike anything we had ever tasted before, As huge yogurt lovers we often opt out of taking yogurt's on picnics or in packed lunches due the the fact you need to take along a spoon and plus they can be quite messy, But New Yollies had changed the way we eat yogurt forever,

Yollies are packed in a cool looking character stay fresh pod's and are firm enough to stay on the stick, Which means that Yollies keep there shape and stay fresh. 

Yollies are sold in packs of four and not only feature 16 cool characters,But each stick is a collectable keyring too, And as a mother I can be assured that Yollies are made using real fruit puree and contain no artificial colourings or flavourings. 

We really loved Yollies they were amazing to eat, We loved the funky looking characters and cool designs, It was great choosing which character was our favourite and who we was going to eat next, As we bit into the Yollies our mouths were filled with the creamy texture and fruity flavour,They tasted amazing, It was a yogurt but firmer and on a stick !!! which was so amazingly cool, Yollies are a perfect dairy snack for on the go.

Yollies come in three amazing flavours Raspberry, Strawberry and Apricot and can be found in the Yogurt aisle are available in Asda Stores nationwide RRP £2

We were given the Yollies to sample, All thought are honest and that of our own.