Thursday 28 August 2014

Zhoodz - Reflective Clothing

We were super excited to receive these amazing Zhoodz t-shirts, Zhoodz is a totally unique clothing brand unlike anything I have ever seen before as Zhoodz creates amazing reflective clothing and accessories, Which not only looks super cool, but the designs and logos are reflective which means that as the lights fade the Zhoodz takes on a cool reflective look.

These pictures really show how amazing the Zhoodz t-shirts are, When the wearer comes into the path of a light beam or car headlights the cool reflective designs of the Zhoodz t-shirts take on a unique and exciting look, So not only do the Zhoodz t-shirts and hoodies look great but they are extremely practical when outside as they ensure you are seen by oncoming vehicles.

My eldest son opted for the cool Green Insect T-Shirt, In the daylight, the t-shirt is bright and bold you can see the cool bugs but once the light hits the reflective bugs come to life-giving an amazing look,

My youngest son opted for the Mad Face T-Shirt which looks awesome, This cool t-shirt is an amazing bright yellow with a cool design. Each of the t-shirts come with the cool Zhoodz eyes branding which also is reflective and looks amazingly cool.

My boys love their Zhoodz t-shirts and have wanted to wear them all of the time, which means I've had to wash them more than once, but this hasn't made any difference to the awesome design or the amazing quality of the t-shirts as they still look as awesome as the day we received them.

We really love Zhoodz they have so many amazing designs and colour options to choose from as well as a range of cool hoodies and some amazing accessories. My sons have already requested a hoodie each and Beenie hat for the cooler night to come.

Zhoodz T-Shirts are only £17,99 check out Zhoodz amazing clothing and accessories at