Friday 20 March 2015

Family Magic With Tesco

Meet Emily and Tom. Soon to be known worldwide as The Extraordinary Emily and Tiny Tomini.
But becoming world-famous magicians takes practice. How are they supposed to perfect their tricks if they spend valuable rehearsal time with Mum and Dad in Tesco!!!

The answer is simple. Mum and Dad signed up to Find out more here, Simply enter your Clubcard number online when you register and the products will be waiting for you in Favourites – you can then just whizz through that list to add any items you want to buy to your shopping basket. You will have ‘Favourites’ after you have completed your 1st online shop (ready for your second shop) - give it a try! Products will appear in Favourites immediately after purchasing online (ready for your second shop) or up to 7 days after purchasing in-store.

I have not received any incentive for sharing this information.