Thursday 5 March 2015

Mimi Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask Kit

As a very busy working mum, Its important I have some much needed me time, So i was ever so delighted to try Mimi Green Goddess Fresh Face Mask Kit, Mini Green Goddess is a deep cleansing and detoxifying face mask which is 100& natural and contains no parabens, Mimi Green Goddess fresh face mask is formulated to detoxify and nourish your skin, no matter how sensitive it is.

I was very excited and couldn't wait to have some well deserved me time. I was delighted when I received the kit, it came beautifully packaged in a solid white box, and the contents of the kit was delicately wrapped in tissue paper.

The Mimi Green Goddess Kit contains
A simple step by step guide book 
4 individual Green Goddess face mask treatments 
A mixing pot
Cotton wool pads and handy reusable hairband. 

It was very easy to make up the mask and took only a few minutes, The mask was an amazing green colour which smelt fresh, By mixing the mask fresh at home cuts out the need for synthetic preservatives, which I really like.

Here is Mimi step by step video to show you how easy quick and easy it is to make your mask at home.

The mask was very simple and easy to apply and very soothing, after 10 minutes the mask had dried and changed colour from a dark green to a light green, I gently washed off the mask and was pleasantly surprised how soft and subtle and clean my skin felt after the first treatment, I'm really looking forward to using Mimi again, and with four mask treatments per box, is a great excuse for more me time and amazing feeling skin, so a double bonus for me.

Mimi have a range of natural skin care products which I cannot wait to try, Check out Make It Make It