Friday 17 April 2015

BullGuard releases free guide for parents to help protect their children online

A Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children Online outlines threats, safeguards and offers advice to help parents provide a safe online platform for kids
London, 16th April 2015: BullGuard, an award-winning global provider of internet and mobile security solutions, has released an informative and thought-provoking guide for parents who may be concerned about keeping their children safe online.

Including reaction to its own recently completed survey, which highlighted parental concerns surrounding effective monitoring of a child’s online activity, the helpful guide outlines the growing need to safeguard children in an online age that’s being driven by increasing use of devices like smartphones and tablets.

Offering tips and advice on how to approach a difficult subject, A Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children Online describes key concerns from a survey of 2,000 UK parents to outline the current situation many face in the digital age. It includes information on how to manage a child’s natural curiosity, the rise of social networking and the reasons why so many struggle to stay one step ahead. Various scenarios that many children might face, such as “stranger danger”, infection from viruses and malware and real modern issues such as cyber-bullying are investigated to help better understand how these problems can be avoided.

Throughout the guide, parents will be introduced to the basics of security for children and will learn how to put measures in place to ensure that they are being protected. The importance of education for children, and to help them better understand the potential consequences of their actions is emphasised, and it’s shown how communication rather than avoidance is a better way of helping kids to enjoy a healthy and rewarding experience online that can enrich social interest and enhance learning.

A Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children Online is available to download for free.