Saturday 25 April 2015

Nintendo Wii U - Kirby And The Rainbow Paintbrush

We love getting creative, so to help celebrate the release of Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush on Wii U , We created our very own clay Kirby and had the opportunity to play Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush before its released on the 8th May.

Kirby's latest adventure See's Kirby on a mission to defeat the evil Claycia who has drained Dream Land of all it colour, you the game player need to help Kirby and his friends bring back Dream Land, by exploring the world of clay you can help Kirby tackle obstacles to hunt the collectibles to enable you to move through each level to turn Dream Land back to its full glory.

Playing the game was great fun, you simply tap and draw rainbow lines and hoops to help Kirby travel through each level, ensuring you take out the enemies along the way, the only thing is that you have a limited amount of rainbow rope, so you have to be aware of your rainbow rope power line at the top of the screen to make sure that you don't leave Kirby in a tricky situation.

What we really loved about this game is that the main player plays via the Wii U Gamepad, but up to three players can  join in using Wii controllers to play as Kirbys friend Waddle Dees, this gives Kirby a help hand on his fun adventure.

We really loved playing this cool game, it was great fun to play and we loved collecting the stars and progressing though each level, and are really looking forward to completing the game,The graphics were bright and colourful and kept you hooked wanting to explore more, We really loved using the rainbow ropes to move Kirby through the game. you also have the option to use the Kirby Amiibo at certain stages of the game.

After some cool game play, We were really inspired to create our very own clay Kirby, It was great fun to get messy and see what we could create.
If you need some inspiration then check out Nintendo/Activities for more on how you can create your very own clay Kirby as well as this cool step by step video below.

We had the most amazing time creating our very own clay Kirby and even more fun playing Kirby and The Rainbow Paintbrush.
Kirby and The Rainbow Paintbrush is available of Wii U will be released on the 8th May and is suitable for children 3+. It costs only £34.99.To pre order yours visit The Nintendo Official Store / Kirby And The Rainbow Paintbrush

Our finished clay Kirby.

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