Nestle Creepy Crawly Campaign

Nestle carried out some very interesting research which revealed the challenges parents face in ensuring their kids get the vitamins and minerals they need. Unbelievably, 47% of children have munched on creepy crawlies from the garden, yet 71% refuse to eat a plate of greens, Bugs that topped the list included: worms, caterpillars and snails. So Nestle decided to build a 10ft long caterpillar, made from cereal to tour the UK, helping to show there is there is an easier way to get a whole bowl of good stuff other then munching on a creepy crawly.

As part of Nestle Creepy Crawly campaign,We have been challenged to get creative and make our very own bug using a range of crafts and Nestle Cereals. We were super excited and after munching our way though s few boxes of of favourite cereal, we decided to create our very own Nestle Spider.

You will need
Mini box of Nestle Cereal
4 Pipe Cleaners for the legs
2 Pom Poms
2 Googly eyes
Paint (any colours of your choice)
Some foam shaped pieces or coloured paper to decorate
PVA Glue

How to make
Step 1 - Attach the pipe cleaner legs to the Nestle cereals box using sellotape
Step 2 - Paint your spider and allow to dry

Step 3 - Once dry glue on googly eyes and foam pieces to create desired design

Step 4 - Allow glue to dry, and there you have it your very own Spider. Why don't you have a try and get creative and make your very own bug.

We were given the Nestle Cereals and crafts to help us join in this cool campaign.

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