Friday 10 April 2015

LEGO Mini Figures - Series 13

My sons love LEGO and spend lots of time designing and building constructions and collecting various LEGO sets, We were ever so delighted to get our hands on the all new LEGO Mini Figures Series 13, A cool mystery bag filled with 1 of the 16 new characters.


Each LEGO Mini Figure you collect comes in the cool mystery bag, inside each pack you will get a collectors leaflet and one of the
LEGO Mini Figures along with its special accessories and display plate and the chance to win exciting prizes.

Lego Mini Figures are Inspired by movies, sport and everyday life, the collection includes: Alien Trooper, Carpenter, Classic King, Disco Diva, Egyptian Warrior, Evil Wizard, Galaxy Trooper, Goblin, Hot Dog Man, Lady Cyclops, Samurai, Sheriff, Snake Charmer, 
Lego Mini Figures are only £2.49 from LEGO Online/Minifigures, They are great to collect and trade with your friends.

We also had great fun playing LEGO Mini Figures online game, A fun free game where you can collect points, build useful object to help you through the levels, battle your enemies and unlock new Mini Figures that you can then use in your game play. The aim of the game is to find and rescue your Lego friends and stop the lord of the underworld.

You can also redeem your online codes after you complete the first area, simply enter them to unlock cool items. Check out the LEGO Mini Figures Online Game to get started.


We are really enjoying the LEGO Mini Figures Online game, its great fun and we are very much looking forward to progressing thought the levels.