Sunday 21 June 2015

Splatoon - Nintendo Wii U Game Review

We were really excited to get our hands on Splatoon, A awesome new shooter video game where you splatter your enemies with ink and claim your turf. It's splat or be splatted for a cool new kind of battle.


Splatoon is primarily an online game although there is a offline game option. Turf War is Splatoon's eight player online battle, where you are split into two teams of four, you and your team will need to use your inking skills to cover as much turf as you possibly can within an allocated time, The team who covers most turf will win. During play you can turn into a inkling squid which enables you to refill your weapons ink, you can also move faster through the ink as well as glide up and down the walls.

The more territory you cover in ink and the more battles you win, will help you score more points and earn cash, This enables you to purchase a range of super cool weapons and cool clothing accessories which will help you power up and defeat your enemies.

If you want to play offline then be sure to check out  Octo Valley which is for one player, Here you can take down the evil Octarian army, or for a two player mode opt for a head to head battle with a friend in Battle of the Dojo and see who can burst the most balloons in this balloon bursting battle.
My son has been really loving Splatoon and its never ending action he is already on level nine,The games graphics are bright and colourful, We loved that we can see the entire arena on the Wii U pad which is really useful, this cool ink shooter game has him hooked, We a thoroughly enjoying Splatoon. A huge thumbs up from us.
Splatoon is also compatible with Amiibo where you can check out new and exciting challenges for more information check out Splatoon-Amiibo. Splatoon is available exclusively on Wii U and can be purchased for £34,99 for more information check out Nintendos/Wii-U/Splatoon