Saturday 13 June 2015

Thunderbirds Are Go DVD

We are super excited for the UK launch of Thunderbirds Are GO DVD volume 1, which will be released in stores from the 22nd June 2015 and will showcase 13 episodes from the new series, The DVD contains the following Episodes

Ring of Fire Part 1
Ring of Fire Part 2
Space Race
Tunnels of Time
Heavy Metal

Thunderbirds Are Go is an exciting series of animation and miniatures, The Thunderbirds team answer various calls for help from their international headquarters which is hidden on an island in the South Pacific, using  their remarkable crafts the Thunderbirds can reach the deepest of oceans or the highest heights of space, All whilst trying to prevent their evil enemies plots.
Thunderbirds is an adaptation from the original 1960 Thunderbirds show which I remember watching when I was growing up, so its great to be able to watch the new series with my children.

We are so glad that the Thunderbirds Are Go has been released on DVD, it means we can watch an episode whenever we want to. It was great to snuggle up on the sofa and watch some of the Thurnderbirds episodes with the boys, they have really taken to the series and have been enjoying the plots,

We love a challenge so with the help of Thunderbirds blogger mission i asked my son a few cool Thunderbird questions and here are their responses.

Whats is your favourite character!- It has to be Vergil, he is strong and very cool
What Craft do you like best! -Thunderbird 2
What your favourite episode! - errr all of them,so far, I will let you know when I've watched them all.
What would you like to see happen next in the series!  More gadgets

We have only had the chance to watch a few episodes so we are really looking forward to watching all of the other episodes on DVD.

Thunderbirds are Go DVD will be released on the 22nd June 2015 or pre-order your very own copy from If you cant wait until them check out Thunderbirds Are Go, International Rescue Training Programme