Thursday 11 June 2015

Thunderbirds International Rescue

We were delighted to accept a very special mission to join Thunderbirds International rescue training missions online. The aim of the Thunderbirds International Rescue game is to complete missions and earn badges and work your way thorough the ranks, Each time you complete a new mission you will open new and exciting content for you to explore. We begun by choosing our username DefenceLauncher83, it was great to have so many names that we could mix and match eventually we all settled for this cool name and got this really cool International Rescue certificate.

The website is easy to navigate once you are familiar with the layout and you will soon be on your way to complete your first mission, As soon as we joined we had a list of missions in our message box which was very exciting, So far we have completed two missions and we were very excited about the prospect of doing more, The boys loved earning their badges which was very rewarding.

Our first mission was to access and decode the keycode in which we had to decode all the letters of the alphabet by spelling out decoded words, it was very exciting and felt great to collect our first ever badge.

There are various missions available and we are really looking forward to the hood challenge where we have to locate a code symbol which is broken into four prices and hidden in a location.

The boys are really excited and looking froward to completing more over the weekend, we also love the fact that Thunderbirds Are Go is also available via google play and Apple app store which we have downloaded for future play.

Each week we are looking forward to receiving more new messages from international Rescue to hear about the latest challenges and exclusive information on the show.Once you have completed some missions you can explore more of the characters profiles, Crafts and Locations.

Visit to join the International Rescue Training Programme