Monday 20 July 2015

Rachel's Inspired Ice Cream Recipes

To celebrate National Ice Cream Week, I have chosen a couple of my favourite Rachel ice cream inspired recipes, which are perfect for those hot sunny days, and great for both kids and adults.

Fat Free Blackcurrant Yogurt Ice Lollies

These delicious Yogurt Lollies are easy to make and look amazing.
450g Rachel’s fat free blackcurrant yogurt
Makes: 6

Step 1. Take the yogurt, mix well  in the pot and decant into ice lolly moulds. You may find a measuring jug easier to pour the yogurt from.
Step 2. To decant the ice lollies, leave them to come to room temperature then carefully prise out of the moulds.
Try:  Experimenting with Rachel’s other fruity fat free yogurt flavours

Quick Berry Ice-cream with Biscotti 

These Instant frozen yogurt deserts are perfect for when you want a quick, easy pudding
400g frozen fruits – mixed berry
450g Rachel’s Blueberry Yogurt
300g Rachel’s Greek Style Natural Yogurt
100g icing sugar

To serve: Almond biscotti biscuits
Serves 6 Preparation time  10 minutes  plus freezing time

Step 1. Add the frozen fruits to a food processor and pour in the yogurts and icing sugar, whizz until blended
Step 2. Spoon directly into small glasses or bowls, or pour into a container and place in the freezer to scoop later
Step 3. Serve with almond biscotti biscuits. Try making this with any frozen fruits – have fun experimenting