Friday 10 July 2015

Crayola Colour Alive - Minions

My boys love getting creative, so we were really excited to try Crayola Colour Alive a cool new exciting way where creativity turns into an interactive 4D image. 

The Crayola Colour Alive Minions is a 16 page colouring in book which is full of your favourite Minion characters in various outfits and cool scenes, also included in the pack are seven coloured marker pens.

We couldn't wait to get started, with so many amazing pictures to choose from my son settled down to get creative, once his picture was fully coloured in, we to download the colour alive app which is available on any IOS android portable device and followed the app's simple instructions, 

As we hovered our ipad over the colouring in page and we were amazed as the image jumped off the page, it was awesome to see the Minion picture come alive in 4D, it was great that we could also pose alongside our creation and save the images so that we could view them later. Almost all of the Crayola colour alive images have additional content which allows the backgrounds to come to life or flash once animated.

We are super impressed with Crayola Colour Alive, we love that our simple colouring in picture of the Minion's characters can be viewed in a colourful 4D image. Crayola colour Alive is available from leading retailers nationwide for RRP £6.99 per pack.