Sunday 26 July 2015

Cafe Rouge - Menu Pour Les Enfants Review

We were delighted to attend Cafe Rouge a family friendly french restaurant in Holborn Central London. Cafe Rouge serves a host of french dishes, Baguettes salads and steaks.

And from this July Cafe Rouge has just launched a dedicated children's menu, So we couldn't wait to sample a few dishes from the kids menu and the main menu. We were super excited as we looked through the Cafe Rouge Menu, with so many amazing dishes to choose from we were certainly spoilt for choice.


After a lot of debating we finally decided on our dishes, While we waited for our food the kids were given colouring pencils, so they could colour in the mini colouring in section on their menus, This was a great way to keep the children entertained whilst we waited.


The kids menu offers an amazing three course meal with a drink all for only £6.95 which is amazing value, The Menu Pour Les Enfants has seven main meals options as well as five desserts options to choose from, So there is defiantly something that every child will like, Soon we were greeted with the childrens starter a delicious warm Artisan Bread with Cucumber, Carrots and Tomatoes with a tasty Tomato Dip.


The kids all choose different meal options from Poulet Goujons and Frites, Macaroni Cheese and Fab Fishcake. The boys really enjoyed their meals and said that they were very tasty indeed, the portions sizes were perfect too.


The desserts were just as delicious, The kids enjoyed Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Crepes. 
Here are some quotes on exactly what the boys had to say about their evening at Cafe Rouge
"It was comfortable and spacious and I really liked the food" 
"I loved the Ice Cream, I want to go again" 
"I enjoyed the Crepe it was yummy"

We all had an amazing family time at Cafe Rouge, whilst the children munched their way though their three course meals, myself and my sister opted for Demi Poulet and Filet De Sumon from the main menu, Absolutely delicious.


The atmosphere at Cafe Rouge was great and the staff were friendly and helpful and best of all the food was deliciously tasty, it was a real pleasure to eat at cafe Rouge and we most certainly cannot wait to go back and sample a few more dishes.

Thank you Cafe Rouge for the amazing experience and the yummy food, We very much look forward to our next visit. Check out Cafe Rouge to find out your nearest restaurant Cafe Rouge