Thursday 23 July 2015

LEGO Dream Home Competition

Both of my boys love LEGO, So they were super excited to take part in Ocean Finances blogger challenge where they boys get the opportunity design their very own dream home.

As I set out to work and left my boys in the capable hands of their Grandma, My son had already began his dream home challenge, So I was excited to see his creation on my return, But what I found when I got home amazed and astounded me.

My son opted for a rainbow effect across his dream home, complete with windows and doors, Outside is a small selection of pretty flowers and plants and a cool tree.

The backyard is a cool relaxing area, where the Lego friends and chill out and relax, There are benches to sit on and no dream home would be complete without a swimming pool with a diving board where the Lego friends can show off their skills.

 Here is an over view shot of the dream house, As you can see my son also added a cool Lego car to complete his stylish and yet very practical dream home.

I must say I'm extremely proud of my sons creation, so much so that its now my phone profile picture, Well done to him for his creative thinking, This is defiantly my dream home too.

If you are a blogger with children and you would like to enter the Lego Dream Home Competition with the opportunity to win 1x £150 Toys R Us voucher check out Ocean Finance/Dream Home competition  for more details on how you can enter.