Saturday 5 December 2015

Animal Crossing - Amiibo Festival

We were really excited to play the cool new Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival on Wii U, You can play with up to four players which make this a great family game. To play the game you will need a minimum of one Amiibo card and one Amiibo figure,The object of the game is to race around the town and gain as many happy points as possible, and of course along the way you will play a few fun mini games which will help increase your score.


At the start of a game you will be given the option to select the month in which you wish to play in, This will in turn change the seasons as you go along, as after each player has their turn a new day will begin.

Using our Amiibo characters we took turns to roll the dice and set off around the town. The pink spaces you will earn you happy points, Each space will reveal a brief story which will be shared, here your character may gain or even loose points.Each time you earn points they go towards happy tickets which can then be used to unlock more content or even customise your board game town. You can also visit Gyroids on the game board to collect stamps for a Happy Point bonus which is great. The aim of the game is to get the highest amount of points to win

Amiibo Festival is a fun interactive game which is great for all the family, We loved the mini games It was also great that we could also set a timer to remind us when our game time was up. Animal Crossing Amiibo Festivals packages start from £49.99 check out the Nintendo/Store Amiibo Festival for more Amiibo Festival Packages. For more information on the game check out Animal-Crossing-Amiibo Festival.