Sunday 13 December 2015

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

We adore playing Mario games, So we were really excited to play Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, A fun new game on WII U, where you can play with up to four player in a virtual Tennis battle. There are a few game modes you can choose from (See below).


We had a great time selecting different tennis courts and selecting out preferred characters each of which have their own special powers. It was great that we could Jump and hit the ball high over our opponents head, and if you get a giant mushrooms it makes you character bigger.

Mega Battle - In this mode you can use the mega mushrooms to make you gigantic, you can also use your characters cool battle powers during play..

Mega Ball Rally - We loved this mode, Play tennis with a huge mega ball, because the ball is so much larger the ball moves slightly slower which is great for novices like me.

Classic Tennis - A cool classic game of tennis with your favorite characters, In this mode you will not get the mushrooms.

Knockout Challenge -  Play in single player mode, here you can also use your Amiibo character, Play the Knockout challenge, Play to win if your get knocked out the game is over.

Online - In this mode you can play online with another player.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is a fun and bright colourful game with all of your favorite characters, The boys had a great time competing against each other, Great fun for the whole family.
Mario Tennis Ultra Smash is also compatible with Amiibo characters, and each time you play you can train you Amiibo characters as the more you play the more you skills will improve.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, only on Wii U, for more information check out Nintendo/Games/Wii U - Mario Tennis Ultra Smash.

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