Wednesday 16 December 2015

Tommy Tucker Popcorn

I'm a huge fan of popcorn, not only does it taste good but it's also considerably lower in calories then other snacks. Popcorn is a must have on family movie nights.

So I was more then delighted to sample Tommy Tuckers Popcorn, I was really exited to taste my all time favourite Toffee Popcorn, but more recently I have started to take a liking to the Salty Sweet version and Tommy Tucker's popcorn tastes delicious.

Tommy Tuckers Popcorn offers a range of classic flavours and some really unique flavoured popcorn that I have never tasted before. So I thought it would be great to share some of the more unique flavours as well as a couple of classics that I love.


Strawberry & Raspberry - This unique blend of fruity popcorn was amazing, I could really taste the difference between both of the flavours.


Smoked Cheese - Delicately flavoured this smoked cheese popcorn was very tasty, I was pleasantly surprised how delicious this was and the kids loved it as much as I did.


Chili & Lemon - I was very curious as to how this popcorn would taste, I love chilli flavoured snacks, So I was very keen to taste this popcorn, I was pleasantly surprised first you get the sweetness of the chilli followed by a lemony flavour, with a gentle heat of the chilli.


Toffee popcorn - Delicious, One of my favorite popcorn flavours, This was very moreish, I demolished the pack in no time.


Salty & Sweet - As I mentioned earlier I'm starting do adore this combination and Tommy Tuckers get both of the flavour mixes just right, A delicately flavoured combination of the sweet and salty.

Tommy Tuckers Popcorn is scrumptious, I have eaten lots of popcorn in my time but to taste some of the amazing flavours that Tommy Tucker have was a delicious experience. My next must taste flavor is Tommy Tucker Salt & Vinegar popcorn. Tommy Tucker has the very best wholesale popcorn and snacks. For more information check out Tommy Tucker.

I was given the Popcorn to sample and share my thoughts, All opinions and thoughts on this product are honest.