Thursday 3 December 2015

Max Tow Truck - Review

The boys were super excited to put the Max Tow Trucks pulling power to the test. Max Tow Truck is a unique hard working truck that can push and pull  loads up to 200 pounds, I weigh around 149 pounds so that's heavier then me. We were really keen to explore the Max Tow Trucks three modes - Tow, Climb and Push.

Tow Mode - The boys came up with a cool idea to get the Max Tow Truck to pull them along on their scooter, they attached the chain and set the Max Tow Truck in motion by pulling on the shift lever. Here are the results.

Awesome the boys were so chuffed and have been using the Max Tow Truck to transport them up and down the hallway into their bedroom.

Climb Mode - The boys wanted to see if the Max Tow Truck could drive over the scooter and then over them, they were really impressed, the Max Tow Truck cleared the obstacles with ease.

The boys are currently planing their next obstacle for the Max Tow Truck.

Push Mode - The boys wanted to push their toy boxes, they tried a small box first and then a larger one which is very heavy, it was great watching the Max Tow Truck make light work of both.

Max Tow Truck comes complete with 50 cool phases, We really love this super cool Truck its defiantly the most amazing ultimate hard working truck we have ever seen, We still cant believe its amazing power, and all for only (RRP £59.99) which is a great price for the super large truck. The Max Tow Truck require 6 "C" alkaline batteries which are not included.

Max Tow Truck also has a free downloadable app suitable for Apple and Android devices which allows you to drive and crash  and race through various levels of obstacles and towing challenges, 
Their is also  Construction Zone where you play through 20 levels of fun, and you can help Max tow and clear the site 

We really Love Virtual Max - where you can drive a virtual Max Tow Truck around your very own room and snap a picture of Max Tow Truck, You can even customise the colour and view Max Tow Truck in a 360`angle, Also By using the back of the Max Tow Truck box or downloadable poster which you can get from the Max Tow Truck website (Jakks) you can bring Max Tow Truck world to life and play all in augmented reality.